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A man like Jahfus knows how to get what he wants – his creative ambition is paralleled only by a compulsion to energize the crowd, generating a reaction that is cataclysmic in nature.

Jahfus first recognized his calling as a small boy, influenced by reggae icons like Yellowman and Shabba Ranks - “growing up in Jamaica you hear loud music before you go to sleep, and loud music when you wake up,” he recalls. He knew all the lyrics and internalized the medium, and when he was 14 he held a mic for the first time. Jahfus was astounded at the reaction he got – he was instantly hooked on the feeling of feeding the crowd energy through music, and having it come back to further the cycle.

Painstakingly he learned the structure of a song, the bars in a chorus and bars in a verse, and continued to push himself to write lyrics and make beats on his MPC – in 1999 he came to Canada for the first time in the hopes of exploring where his talent could take him. Vancouver was receptive to the young hustler, and he found himself in good company on the Firestarter tour alongside K-Os, Kardinal, The Rascalz and Saukrates. 

Legal difficulties brought Jahfus back to his native Jamaica in 2003, but he returned within 9 months, more driven than ever to succeed. His moves became more bold as his life experience reinforced what his faith had long taught him: to build his house on the rock, not on the sand. In 2008 he broke ground with the Ray J collaboration “Shut It All Down,” which garnered over 35 million listens on Top 40 and Hot AC Radio Stations and put Jahfus on the map as a mainstream force to be reckoned with.

Today, Jahfus is working with everyone from Ne-Yo to Tyrese to Young Joc, building his foundation in the Top 40 market while exploring the extent of his creative talent. His drive to learn every aspect of the music business finds him with an insatiable thirst to dominate the market and achieve both street status and mainstream recognition as a self-propelled entity living out his childhood dream. Opened Shows for Artists like Buju Banton, Wayne Wonder, Sizzla, Elephant Man, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Spice, BabyCham, PopCorn, Serani, Mavado, The BackStreetBoys with Elise Estrada in Victoria BC. 





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